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ARES Voice Net Control Schedule

Sunday Night 7:00 p.m. on the 147.36 Repeater 131.8 Tone (or backup frequencies)
****Note: Net changed to 7:00 PM in February 2012****
Travis County ARES holds two training nets each Sunday evening. The first net is a voice net and here we practice proper radio techniques and share important information on upcoming events. Backup repeater is 146.94 with a 107.2 tone, and if both repeaters are unavailable, please use 146.58 simplex (no tone) to continue the net. The second scheduled net is a packet net and is used to test our skills and equipment using 1200 baud Packet to support Winlink/Airmail operations.

Week#             (day of month)

Odd Months

Even Months



1st (1-7)



2nd (8-14)



3rd (15-21)



4th (22-28)



5th (29-31)



Click here for Net Control Documents
Net control stations (NCS), please check the table above for your scheduled nights.
You should be backup NCS for the same week number for the month following the month you are scheduled for NCS duty. e.g. If you are NCS on the third week for even numbered months, you should be backup NCS on the third week for odd numbered months.
If you can't be available on your scheduled night, please warn your backup NCS, or get one of the other experienced NCS stations to fill in.
If you're one of the NCS operators and the scheduled NCS and backup station don't appear, please fill in if you can.

Sunday Night Packet Training Net is at 8:00 PM, on 145.73, simplex, using the unconnected mode. Set up your TNC to change the value of unproto as follows: Use firstname via x,y,z where [ausrly1 w5oem-5 w5tq-4] are the real digipeaters instead of x, y and z. For example, if my name was Bill and I could digipeat through n5hpc-5 easily, I would use this argument to set my unproto:

unproto Bill via w5oem-5,ausrly-1,w5tq-4

ausrly-1 is at 3M on 2222, w5oem-5 is in (South Austin Hospital???) and Guadalupe and w5tq-4 is at CTECC on the old airport site.

Be sure to include all 3 digipeaters in your unproto line to participate in Travis County Nets. Do test transmissions to see if all 3 digis respond. If a digi is down, the others after it in the list won't respond to your transmission. Be ready to adjust the order or even change to other digipeaters where needed. It is your responsiblity to learn how your equipment works and to be able to reconfigure it as required. This is part of being ready to contribute in emergency situations.

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