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Posted here for reference. Action reports to follow.


ARES  Repeater Test,  Tuesday, April 26, 2011, 1900 Local Time

Do not go to ARL.  No one will be there.
Meet on the 146.94 repeater for resource net at 1900 local time. Inform net control of your location and if you can deploy to another nearby location. You may operate mobile or from a fixed location.  After check in, you will be moved to another repeater for the tactical net.

If deployed to a location, notify tactical net control when you have arrived. Net control will ask you to test several repeater frequencies at both full power and at 5 watts (typical hand held power level).  Use a hand held for the low power if you have one.  An operator will answer you on that frequency – if you can be heard. We will use the following repeaters from multiple locations at several power levels.

The 6m frequency is correct. If 6m is open, everyone will be on 50.125. We will use 50.120

We will terminate about 20:30 local time.  Those in North Austin may join us at the DQ on North Burnet Road (just north of Steck Ave)




tone 103.5 a local linked system
tone 162.2 Williamson County
tone 107.2 ARO/AARC repeater
no tone ARO/AARC repeater
146.940 Resource net tone 107.2 ARO/AARC repeater
147.360 Tactical net tone 131.8 TCARES repeater
no tone ARO/AARC repeater
tone 141.3 Saltgrass linked system
no tone ARO/AARC repeater
****Optional frequencies****    
7285 khz on LSB - call for TCARES net   HF mobile test
50.120 mhz on USB - call for TCARES net   6m mobile test

















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